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Although we make extensive use of the Internet to help you view our engines, we do not process any payments through our website for your security. However, our customers are always encouraged to call us and ask for additional information before proceeding with any purchase you can call us toll free at 1-866-322-5558 and one of our agents would be happy to process your order.
Although it is difficult to say the mileage on each particular engine, a good estimate would be 10,000-30,000 miles.
You can call our local number at 514-322-5558 or our Toll-Free 1-866-322-5558, and speak to one of our agents, and we’ll guide you through and answer all your questions, or you can email us at [email protected]
The shipping takes 3-7 business days to get to your destination.

For more information please give us call. We STRONGLY recommend having engines delivered directly to the shop or location that you are having the engine installed, since they are very heavy to move around without the aid of a lift or engine crane and will also save you money on shipping costs.

No. All prices quoted are without shipping. For the shipping price please give us call at 1-866-322-5558, and one of our agents would be happy to tell you the shipping prices.
The reason is that Japan has one of the most rigorous and expensive car inspection systems in the world, the cost of which often ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. Although new cars are exempt from the requirement, once an automobile reaches its third birthday, it must undergo this inspection every two years. After an auto is a decade old, the inspection must be done annually. At this point, most Japanese write off their cars because of the cost of the inspections and buy new ones. This practice has been used to boost car sales in Japan and give carmakers such as Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota, advantages to compete in the international market.

For more information please fell free to ask any questions call at 1-866-322-5558 or email us at [email protected]

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